Getting to Know Your Mind-Set

To become aware of direct loyalties, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the ideas, opinions, and the actual relational reality of your ancestors. By doing this, you become aware of your mind-set about relationships. This allows you to discover to whom you are loyal and identify the relative from whom you have carried over destructive attitudes that you repeat in your own relationships. This information will help you to let go of undesired loyalties. You may not be able to let go of more entrenched loyalties and entanglements by yourself, but this questionnaire will be a good preparation for your own constellation.

Inner Child Meditation

Inner Child Meditation is the perfect way for delving into your unfulfilled emotional aspects. A problematic parent-child relationship or an attachment disorder is the source of many unfulfilled desires in childhood. These are then subsequently projected onto the partner, who cannot possibly make up for whatever it was that went unfulfilled in a partner’s childhood.

Questionnaire Family Constellation

Fill in the following questionnaire if you want to do a constellation. Limit your answers to the actual facts. All of the facts of your family history are important. The most important facts are those connected with heavy fates of family members, such as trauma, abuse, exclusion, or death. Here is an overview of the most common examples of heavy fates. The more generations you go back, the better.

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