Title: Heal Your Relationship,
Writter: Indra Torsten Preiss

With a lot of patience, understanding, and soul wisdom, Indra takes you to the root causes of relationship problems. Drawing on his extensive experience as a facilitator of family and relationship constellations, he shows you what is causing relationships to run off the rails and how to heal them.

By being loyal, we unconsciously carry over behavioral patterns and attitudes from our ancestors. These loyalties often have a huge impact on our couple relationship—to an extent you could never have imagined. Our ancestors leave us with a kind of blueprint, or mind-set, about life and relationships. This mind-set is a major determining factor in whether our relationships turn out to be happy.

Lasting change will come about only if you become aware of these loyalties and learn to let go of destructive behaviors and attitudes inherited from your ancestors. Integrating the wisdom of Heal Your Relationship in your life will give you the power and insights to heal yourself and, of course, improve your relationship skills.

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