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Dear Idalia,

Sorry for my late answer. You really should follow your hart. Fill in the questioner in Heal Your Relationship and vind out of witch pattern are at work here. Find out the reciprocity at hand. That wil give you the key to the situation. Find a constellator hoe knows my book and is able to work accordingly.

Good luck,

Comment on Why rejection hurts by Idalia Munoz Mon, 21 Dec 2015 19:16:47 +0000 Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for the blog and the opportunity to write to you.
My husband and I had been married for 14 years but 3 years ago he went into full mid life crisis, after his father got a stoke. Seems that this was the trigger to his crisis.
Last year, in spring he met a woman 15 years younger than him, an affair started. My husband can not have children (neither with two prior relationship before me), but in this affair the woman has said that she was pregnant of my husband and a miscarriage happened after 6 weeks of conceiving.

Now, what had happened here? Who has the hierarchy? What I should do in terms of constellation. My husband still behaving like a teenager and sometimes as a child. Just seven weeks ago he wanted to go to a seminar for couples with me and said he loves me and cares for me. Three weeks later cried because the affair woman rejected him, and now he said wants her back no matter what, he behaves as a teenager.
Anyway, what is necessary to do here? As constellation.
On November the first, I went for first time to a constellation and at the end, my husband (the representative) was there looking at me, slightly smiling and stayed he didn‘t go away. The facilitator said “Your husband stays, he is not going away?
What can I do for healing my marriage, I am so disappointed to my husband than I had suffered so much that I don’t feel anymore to rescued this marriage, but then I know there is still love from him to me and as He said in Nov, “We still have love for each other” and I felt that but…
What is the healing here? What can I do?
What do you think represents mid life crisis in a persons life or in our marriage?

If there still place for me on Dec 28, I will go for one day shamanism ritual for new year and participate as representative.

Thank you so much!