November 2015

Putting a Finger on the Problems of Traditional Family Constellations

Read my reaction to Franz Rupper’s criticism of traditional Family Constellations published in “The Knowing Field Journal” 23, January 2014

While watching Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert’s presentation entitled: ‘Aufstellungen – das Entstehen einer Methode und ihr aktueller Entwicklungstand’ (Constellations – the emergence of a method and its current state of development)1, I found myself in general agreement with some points of his critique and some not. However, I cannot agree to identify with his criticism of traditional Family Constellations. To be clear from the start, I am a convinced and enthusiastic ‘Traditional Family Constellations’ facilitator to the point that I have recently put one of my books, translated into English, on Amazon:2 Family Constellations Revealed

Table constellations & exercise (from: Healing Your relationship)

Table Seating Arrangements
In a long-term relationship, partners are not recommended to make a habit of sitting opposite each other during meals or when talking. It may have been appropriate and romantic in the beginning of a relationship, but it will be disruptive in a long-term relationship. The partners should face the same direction—sitting together next to each other—if they want to enjoy a harmonious relationship. When people sit facing each other, there is a natural tendency for the tension between them to rise, making their entire communication rather confrontational.

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